New Bridge Street House, 30-34 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6BJ, UNITED KINGDOM
email: info@leomar.co.uk


It was in 2014 when LEOMAR Limited was created from people with long experience in the international spirits market and a high level of ambition. Based in London – the trade center of wine, spirits and distillates – with an aim to offer selective and exceptional products, in limited volumes, for consumers who know to appreciate refined and unique spirits.

With an experienced network of specialized partners, LEOMAR focuses on raw materials, recipes and local producers that are in total alignment with its philosophy to create high quality spirit brands that will be distinguished and successfully developed in the international spirits market.

Today, LEOMAR Limited has a portfolio of two much differentiated brands, ARTESANO Rum and THE BLUE BEETLE London Dry Gin.



London Dry Gin

BLUE-BEETLE-BOTTLE-1It is an unconventional London Dry Gin inspired by the characteristics of the rare and unusual blue beetle, which changes its color to bright red during mating season. An elegant and sophisticated gin made with a recipe of 18+1 carefully selected herbs and botanicals in a small-batch production which is limited to 6.000 bottles.